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Associated Partners

  • EYE Film Institute, The Netherlands: The EYE Film Institute Netherlands is a sector-wide institute that supports Dutch national cinema culture. It manages an internationally prominent collection of films, photographs, and film posters that reflects the most important aspects of film history. Many parts of the collection are unique in the world.
  • Imperial War Museum, United Kingdom: IWM is a group of five museums and historic sites covering war and conflict from the First World War to the present day. Their aim is to tell the human stories of lives engulfed in war and show how conflict has shaped the world in which we all live. IWM was founded during the First World War with a mission to preserve and tell the stories of all people from Britain and its empire. This vision continues today with the documentation of over 100 years of experiences throughout the Commonwealth.
  • Berlin Sound Archives, Germany: The Lautarchivof the Humboldt University hosts an acoustic collection of approximately 7,500 shellac records, wax cylinders, and recording tapes. The recordings document voices of celebrities from the beginning of the 20th century, prisoners of war (POWs) during WWI, and a comprehensive collection of German and other European dialects. The CEGC project was particularly interested in the recordings carried out among POWs. During the First World War, scholars working on behalf of the so-called Royal Prussian Phonographic Commission and with the permission of the German military authorities conducted recordings of dialects and languages spoken by prisoners in various camps. The camps were seen as laboratories, where languages from all parts of the world could be found. The prisoners chosen by the scholars were asked to recite a prescribed text, tell a story, or sing a song. These recordings proved to be historical sources of great interest for the CEGC team, as they represent the result of an asymmetric process of knowledge production under the conditions of war, captivity, violence, and control. Thus the voices of the prisoners, the way the texts were recited or spoken, and the content of the recordings can provide impressions of the lives, feelings, and thoughts of the prisoners. For the project we selected recordings from colonial prisoners of war (in particular from North Africa and South Asia) that referenced specifically the soldiers’ encounters and their war experiences. These recordings were transliterated and translated. Our findings were reported regularly to the Sound Archive.
  • In Flanders Field Museum, Belgium: In Flanders Fields Museum in Ypres is a well-visited museum on the First World War with a focus on war experience and cultural encounters in war. The Museum provided the project with a range of resources, and we collaborated on a number of joint ventures. On 24 and 25 October 2014, the Museum organised a 2-day conference on ‘Indians on the Western Front’ with the CEGC project and the United Service Institution of India. In Flanders Field now kindly hosts the CEGC sourcebook and we are very grateful to the Museum for taking on this commitment to ensure that our research is maintained within the public domain.
  • Stichting De Jazz Van Het Bankroet, The Netherlands
  • Deutsches Literatur Archiv Marbach, Germany
  • Museum Europäischer Kulturen, Germany
  • deBuren, Belgium: The Flemish-Dutch House deBuren (‘the neighbours’) presents beauty and wisdom of the Low Countries, and offers a platform for debate about culture, science, politics and society in Flanders, The Netherlands and Europe. We collaborated with them on citybooks, which invites international authors and photographers to take part in residencies in interesting cities all over Europe. The resulting citybooks (stories, essays or poems) can be read, listened to and downloaded for free on the website.

Research Associates

  • Suzanne Bardgett, Academic Advisor
  • Dr David Beus, Associate Researcher & Translator
  • Jan-Peter Brauburger, Student Assistant & Translator
  • Upasana Dutta, Translator
  • Tom Gerritsen, Research Assistant
  • Dr Elizabeth Robertson, Research Assistant
  • Dr Jennifer Wellington, Associate Researcher